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Sharp’s Plasmacluster Technology-Equipped Product Sales Reach 70 Million*1 Units Worldwide

23 May 2017

Since the introduction of the first air purifiers equipped with Plasmacluster technology in October 2000, total sales of products equipped with this proprietary technology reached 70 million units worldwide as of the end of February 2017.

Plasmacluster is a proprietary Sharp technology that cleans the air by emitting positive hydrogen ions and negative oxygen ions like those found in the natural world, suppressing the effects of airborne fungi, airborne bacteria, and other harmful substances. Plasmacluster technology has been deployed in 15*2 of Sharp’s own product categories, including air purifiers, air conditioners, and refrigerators.

Sharp has accelerated the proliferation of Plasmacluster-equipped products around the world, with air purifiers, ion generators, and other air-purifying products currently sold in 109 countries and areas,*3 with the outlook pointing to entry into more markets.

Independent institutes around the world have certified the effectiveness of Plasmacluster, putting the spotlight on this technology and allowing Sharp to extend its application into more and more commercial applications where it can offer a wide range of indoor air solutions. For example, Plasmacluster is utilized to improve air environments by suppressing the effects of airborne mold and suppressing odor in indoor spaces where large numbers of people gather; for example, railway cars, educational facilities, medical and care institutes, and hotels and other lodgings. In addition, in food processing plants, Plasmacluster’s ability to control static electricity improves the effectiveness of air showers, thus reducing dust entering the plant.

Sharp will continue to develop increasingly advanced Plasmacluster-equipped products in its efforts to tap into the global market and bring this one-of-a-kind technology to a greater number of people.

  • *1 Total shipments of products worldwide equipped with Plasmacluster technology, as well as Plasmacluster ion generators, from October 2000 to the end of February 2017.
  • *2 Current Sharp products featuring Plasmacluster technology (total of 15): Air purifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, ceramic fan heaters, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, Plasmacluster Ion generators, LED lighting, MFPs, beauty appliances, dryers, cooling fans, robotic home appliances.
  • *3 As of March 2017.
  • Plasmacluster and the Plasmacluster logos are registered trademarks of Sharp Corporation.