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Sharp’s Advanced Wideband Satellite Digital Broadcast Receiver Wins Prize at CEATEC Award 2016

30 Oct 2016

Sharp Corporation’s advanced wideband satellite digital broadcast receiver has won the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) Award at CEATEC Award 2016. The product is compatible with 8K (Super Hi-Vision, or ultra high definition) and is being exhibited at CEATEC Japan 2016 held until October 7.


CEATEC Award 2016 recognizes innovative technologies, products, and services from a large number of exhibits at CEATEC Japan 2016, which is being held under the theme of “Connecting Society, Creating the Future—CPS/IoT Exhibition.” The CEATEC Award 2016 Review Panel selects award recipients based on criteria for academic, technological, and future-oriented impact, as well as marketability.


Among the exhibits at CEATEC 2016 and submitted for the CEATEC Award, the MIC Award is given to a networking product, technology, system, or service that contributes to the creation of new value. The winner is expected to contribute to fundamental information and communication network technologies for various IoT services or advanced systems. Along with the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Award, the MIC Award is the highest-ranking award in this program.

Sharp’s award-winning broadcast receiver was developed as the world’s first*2 dedicated equipment for receiving 8K test broadcasting, which started in August 2016. When connected to Sharp’s LV-85001 8K monitor, 33-megapixel ultra-high-definition images with 16 times the resolution of full HD can be displayed*3. The receiver can also receive 4K multichannel broadcasts*3, in which multiple programs are broadcast at the same time. It also supports 22.2-channel surround sound*4, a 3D audio effect unique to 8K broadcasts.

Going forward, Sharp will continue the development of equipment for next-generation 8K broadcasting, in anticipation of the launch of full-scale 8K broadcasts slated to begin in 2018.


MIC Award given to Sharp’s advanced wideband satellite digital broadcast receiver

  • *1 This receiver can only receive advanced wideband satellite digital broadcasts (8K/4K test broadcasts).
  • *2 As of October 4, 2016, based on Sharp research.
  • *3 Only test broadcasts from the BS 17 channel can be viewed via this receiver.
  • *4 To enjoy 22.2-channel surround sound, commercially available AV amp and speakers are required.