Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Samsung’s ‘Turn Off Your Light’ Campaign Spreads Light and Smiles in Indonesia

22 Apr 2017

On March 21, Samsung branches worldwide went dark for the ‘Turn Off Your Light’ campaign, a Samsung initiative that illuminates issues surrounding climate change and electricity shortages and ‘donates’ light to places that truly need it.


Places like Tiom, a small village in the mountains of Indonesia’s Papua province without a single light bulb. For families like 10-year-old Deni’s, the day ends when the Sun goes down, and the absence of light can make working, preparing meals, and even having a comfortable conversation with family difficult.

Follow Deni as he walks us through a typical day – and night – in his quiet community, and see how the 1,400 solar-powered lamps donated through Samsung’s campaign are changing people’s lives.