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Samsung’s Commitment to the Environment Around the World

08 Jun 2017

Protecting the environment has never been as important to safeguarding our future, and the World Environment Day on June 5 is a day when citizens around the world celebrate the preservation of the earth that we all share. For its part, Samsung Electronics has been making concerted efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its array of world-class products which we shared about here. In addition, Samsung employees around the world are also engaged in various environmental initiatives, and in celebration of World Environment day, we provide a snapshot in this article:

Switzerland: Nature Heroes

The Jura National Park is an area of beauty in Switzerland and maintains a diversity of native plant and animals. Despite its beauty, the local farmers struggle to find an affordable workforce, which has implications on local wildlife as well as affecting the local economy. Samsung Electronics in Switzerland leant a hand as part of the Nature Heroes campaign. Volunteers ditched their usual workplace for a day to help in hedge-cutting, apple-picking and cider-making, making a large impact in a short space of time.

Taiwan: Employees and customers dig in for a greener land

In Taiwan, a hundred Samsung employees and prestige customers travelled to the Sanshing township where they volunteered in the local rice fields. The group planted seeds that come harvest time will produce 2,398 kilograms of organic, pesticide-free rice. It’s all part of an environmentally friendly farming model.

Russia: Eco Day 

Some 250 volunteers descended on the picturesque Terletskiy Park in Moscow as part of Samsung Russia’s activities. During a special Eco Day, they cleared 1.8 tons of garbage, made and installed 31 bird boxes, and set 250 cornelian cherry bushes forming a long beautiful bush alley in the park. All this was accompanied by educational activities and team competitions.

Chile: Recycling

Samsung Electronics Chile operated recycling initiatives including the Trade in Your Best Return campaign. As part of this, mobile phones that were brought to Samsung stores for recycling were donated to the Samsung Apps Club, which teaches young people how to code. Consumers are also encouraged to recycle their phones using the Galaxy Studio Phone Recycling program, in which they also have a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Argentina: Creating a vegetable garden

A team of Samsung volunteers in Argentina worked together to create a vegetable garden by planting and transplanting seasonal seedlings at Cottolengo Don Orione, a public residence for people with disabilities. The project, carried out in partnership with Huerta Niño Foundation and the National Institute of Agriculture Technology, serves a dual purpose. Not only does it function as a sustainable food source, it also works for therapeutic purposes for the residents of Cottolengo.

Kenya: Planting trees

Samsung Electronics East Africa partnered with the Friends of Karura Forest and the Kenya Forest Service to plant 10,000 trees in Nairobi to help boost forest coverage in Nairobi and improve the environmental sustainability of the area.

UK: Beach cleaning day

Samsung Electronics UK organized a clean-up of their own as part of the Marine Conservation Society’s “Great British Beach Clean.” Working with both the Marine Conservation Society and National Trust, Samsung volunteers were among the hundreds who descended on West Wittering beach on the English south coast. To highlight the issue of ocean plastic that was flagged by the Marine Society, the group cleared much of the dangerous material from the 100m coastline stretch.

US: Gardening with Grow NYC

Samsung Electronics America offices nationwide closed for the day so that all employees could participate in the bi-annual Day of Service. Nearly 4,000 employees donated 16,000 hours of service to health, education and sustainability organizations.

Canada: Environmental volunteer projects

Samsung conducted a number of projects in Canada over the past year. This includes the work it carried out as part of Samsung Canada’s Day of Giving. The company partnered with YMCA Cedar Glen to help restore a local camp for young people. Volunteers chipped in to relocate trees, removing invasive plant species, as well as perform maintenance on hiking trails and farms.

Germany: Cleaning day

An autumn cleaning day displayed the enthusiasm for the environment in Germany. Last October, a group of Samsung volunteers came together to organize a day of collecting rubbish and raising awareness of environmental issues. Such was the success of the activity in the town of Schwalbach that the environment minister in the state of Hessen recognized the effort. Dr. Beatrix Tappeser invited the volunteers to a reception in the Schwalbach market square to thank them.