Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Samsung Launches Latin America-Focused Design Office

19 Feb 2017

Samsung Electronics has reinforced its position as a worldwide leader in technological innovation, announcing the launch of Samsung Design Latin America, located in the company’s regional office in São Paulo. Through this initiative, Samsung will conduct surveys with consumers throughout the region to gain insight on their needs, and utilize its team of highly qualified designers to develop products across a range of categories.


“We want to do more than simply innovate for innovation’s sake; we want to produce new designs that enchant consumers and have a positive impact on their daily lives,” said Vivian Jacobsohn Serebrinic, the Director af Samsung Design Latin America. “This is a bold new step for Samsung, as few multinational companies have design centers in this region focusing on mobile devices, TVs and home appliances.”

The Samsung Design Latin America team is interested in hearing what local consumers have to say and identifying their needs, in an effort to place themselves in consumers’ shoes and ultimately develop customized solutions. As Serebrinic explained, “This can be done through the adaptation of product features, whether it be hardware or software, or even through the creation of an entirely original product. Every solution begins with consumer empathy – not solely by listening to what consumers have to say, but by going deep down to capture how they feel about and interact with our products.”

Samsung’s Research and Development department, which counts over 65,000 employees worldwide, develops innovative new technologies by thinking of applications that will be relevant to users.

In that spirit, the Samsung Design Latin America team will meet with both typical consumers and so-called ‘extreme users’, such as chefs, to gain a thorough understanding of both groups’ respective requirements of specific products and identify any needs that have not yet been addressed. The team will focus on enriching the user experience by presenting products that are not only enchanting and entertaining, but also functional, easy to use, capable of simplifying daily activities, and able to adapt according to consumers’ behaviors.

“We utilize a great deal of design tools to transform the innovation process from the user’s point of view,” said Serebrinic. “We believe that ideas are not born ready to go, but are rather products of interactions with the consumers who help us hone our devices in accordance with their needs. This is another point that distinguishes Samsung. This user-focused approach to development allows us to design products that harmonize with the lifestyles of consumers throughout Latin America.”

From Regional Trends to Global Solutions

Latin American consumers prize innovation and their region is seeing an increase in internet access, leading them to demand faster and more effective technologies.

In addition to tailoring designs to meet local consumers’ needs, Samsung strongly believes that insights regarding new trends may be found in any corner of the globe. For this reason, and through studying the Latin American consumer, Samsung seeks to transform, through innovation, insights gained on regional trends into meaningful global solutions.

“Samsung is proud to be a part of Latin American consumers’ daily lives, and believes that the region’s rich and vibrant cultures contain valuable insights to offer the entire world,” said Serebrinic. “As we like to say, we develop locally inspired products that can become universal.”