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What Samsung Is Doing to Keep Your Smart TV Secure

17 May 2017

Today, more and more TVs are connected to the internet than ever before. In fact, Samsung Electronics has vowed that all of its TVs and products will be web-connected by 2020. To make that a reality, Samsung is working to make sure that every device and its users’ personal information are protected. Samsung Smart TVs protect and secure users’ information for those who are in the market for a Smart TV.

At Samsung, with security our priority, we are the first Smart TV manufacturer certified by the International Security Standard Common Criteria (CC) for two consecutive years. Much like a bank uses multiple levels of security (camera, vaults and security guards) to protect your valuables, Samsung Smart TVs feature a “Three Stage Model Security Solution” to provide the best possible protection for consumers. The solution works by embedding security features during three different stages involving the platform, application and hardware.


Platform Stage

In the initial Platform security stage, important data – such as user account and password data – is encrypted before it is stored. Subsequently, a standardized encryption process is deployed to protect the data when communicating with external servers to prevent attackers from stealing your data. Also, malicious applications and unauthorized files attempting to access the device are detected and blocked, helping to preserve stable operational environments for the Smart TV.


To dive into detail, when connecting with a server, Samsung’s Smart TV first verifies the authenticity of the certificate transmitted by the server. Then, it creates encryption keys that are used for communication with the server. During exchanges with servers, all communicated content is encrypted in order to prevent any third parties from wiretapping and from modifying data, and to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access to user information.

Samsung Smart TV platform detects and blocks various attacks that threaten the operational environment of the TV. Utilizing the Platform security technology, stable software operating environments are provided where a variety of Smart TV services can run securely – blocking unauthorized codes from accessing the TV and from attacking vulnerable spots within the platform.

Additionally, Samsung Smart TVs utilize the protected virtual keyboard and number pad, “Secure Keyboard,” to protect users’ personal information such as credit card numbers and passwords.

Application Stage

Next, at the application stage, Samsung Smart TVs leverage anti-malware engines to prevent external intruders from attacking your network. This stage is designed to block phishing sites on the web from accessing devices and detect infections from malicious codes.

In specific, Samsung’s Smart TVs use security features on their Web Browser, along with the Smart security feature to ensure safe usage of internet-based services on TVs. The Samsung Smart TV Web Browser has a security feature that creates a pop-up alert when the user clicks on suspicious web sites. By prompting the user to proceed or reject the pop-up, this can help to prevent personal information from being leaked through covert phishing or malicious web sites.

To detect and prevent malicious software (malware) from attempting to sneak into the TV system and cause damage, Samsung’s Smart TVs utilize the anti-malware vaccine engine which ultimately prevents harmful codes from running, and monitors the system and analyzes information linked to the malicious files. In addition, Network Protection obstructs any malicious external attacks that could penetrate user’s networks.

To add an even further, dual-layer of protection, Samsung also recently introduced the enhanced security application “McAfee Security for TV” to its Smart TVs which once activated constantly monitors for malicious software, providing the utmost in peace-of-mind.

Hardware Stage

Finally, through the Hardware security stage, Samsung’s Smart TV offers an independent and powerful security solution based on chip architecture which prevents data from being leaked by separating the physical space in the hardware for the core software to operate in. Also, through the process of authentication based on hardware, Samsung Smart TVs are only operated with a reliable Tizen platform. Secure technology, with a strong foundation at the hardware level guarantees the stability of the Smart TV platform and applications.

Samsung understands that security and trust are critical to the adoption of Smart TVs and that trust depends on safe and secure connections. The next TV you buy will very likely be a Smart TV, and Three-Stage Model Security Solution is just one way that Samsung is working to protect user information and drive the adoption of Smart TVs.