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Samsung Indonesia and Habitat for Humanity Improve Local Infrastructure for Rowosari Village

27 May 2017

Samsung continuously seeks to make a difference in communities across the globe. On May 4, 2017, Samsung Electronics Indonesia teamed up with Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) to build critical facilities for communities in Rowosari Village, Indonesia.

Samsung has been working closely with HFHI since 2013 and looks forward to continuing its efforts with HFHI to provide assistance to communities across the world. From launching Samsung Solar Powered Internet School in South Africa and Zambia, to building and renovating houses for hundreds of families all around the world, Samsung accomplished a myriad of successful projects its strong partnership with HFHI.

Part of the SamsungCare program, the ‘Building Homes and Community for Hope’ campaign seeks to improve the quality of life through better access to education and local facilities. The campaign saw the construction of a Samsung Smart Library, a community function hall and maintenance and repairs of 31 local residences. SamsungCare program also provides Rowosari citizens the opportunity for digital education, opening new doors for the community.

The community center was equipped with 18 Samsung Galaxy A tablets, internet connectivity, and a 50 inch Samsung television, along with comfortable seating for 50. The new community center facilitates easy access to digital books, internet access, or any other activity one might seek with the new tech at their disposal. The community center also offers a space for a local woman’s group to train female youth in essential skills needed to be more competitive in the workforce.

Kanghyun Lee, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Samsung Electronics Indonesia, noted “At Samsung, success is not only measured by business achievement, but also from how well we serve the community and make a difference in people’s lives through our Corporate Citizenship programs. We hope that the people of Rowosari will take advantage of the facilities and technologies we provided and launched today, to be more productive and have happier lives.”

31 families were provided comfortable homes that meet global standards set by HFH Indonesia. Such standards ensure proper construction methods, access to adequate amounts of clean water, modern sanitation, as well as a set minimum space. Choosing the location was done through close consultation with local authorities, as well as input from local communities. Taking great pride in the development of their own community, the Rowosari Villagers were very engaged throughout the process.

Providing education to promote future independent growth and development is essential to all Samsung CSR activities. Thus, Samsung and HFHI also provided basic construction technique training, as well as digital education through the Samsung Smart Library, to ensure the changes the program brought to the community will continue moving forward.