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Samsung Electronics Reaffirms Market Leadership As Industry-Leading Reviews Recommend Its Curved Monitors

05 Oct 2016

Samsung Electronics Reaffirms Market Leadership As Industry-Leading Reviews Recommend Its Curved Monitors.Samsung Electronics, a global leader in display technology, recently announced the CF591 curved monitor and the industry has already started to acknowledge the product. Recently, several leading IT media outlets awarded the CF591 with “Recommended” status, indicating that the monitor surpasses market standards for performance, presentation and value.


Earlier this month, AV Forums, a U.K.-based internet community which houses news and discussion around the latest home entertainment technology trends, tagged the CF591 monitor as one of the site’s “Recommended” products. In particular, AV Forums cited the CF591’s superb color accuracy, low input lag and attractive design as differentiating factors among the curved monitor space.


The AV Forums nomination follows the awarding of similar recommendation from fellow U.K. technology-centric website Trusted Reviews in April. Trusted Reviewsnoted the CF591 monitor’s stylish design, eye strain-reducing curve and brilliant color presentation as advantages that set the display apart.


“As a global leader in the curved monitor space, Samsung aims to create captivating, viewer-friendly environments that deliver an unparalleled experience for both business users and at-home entertainment mavens,” said Seoggi Kim, Senior Vice President, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics. “The CF591 represents our latest innovation in a product space that we pioneered in 2014 with the release of the first curved LED monitor, and we are thrilled that industry media and consumers have responded favorably and noticed the advantages that our new monitor offers so far.”

Unveiled in February 2016 under the “Real Curve, Real Immersion” theme, Samsung’s CF591 curved monitor accommodates the diverse multimedia and multitasking needs of both professional and individual users. The CF591’s curved composition is designed to match the natural shape of the human eye, exposing viewers to a wide 178-degree viewing angle with less visual strain. Featuring a compact thin-bezel design and a 3,000:1 static contrast ratio, the CF591 maintains users’ focus on on-screen content to create an immersive viewing arena.


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