Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Why QLED TV? Part 3: Design That Blends into the Living Space

22 Apr 2017

Good design is not just about how a product looks on the surface, but also how it fits into consumers’ lives. This is exactly what Samsung Electronics focused on when designing the new QLED TV.

Featuring a clean aesthetic with a slim body and nearly-there bezel, QLED TV is suitable for open spaces, while its new colors and materials blend naturally into the living environment. With a no-gap wall mount, it can easily and neatly be installed flush against the wall. Or, should the users prefer a bit more choice about the location of their TV, a collection of new stands offers an array of options. The QLED TV’s practically invisible optical cable frees the area of messy wires, making it a device that is truly designed for living.

Watch as some of the minds behind the 360° design of QLED TV discuss how Samsung’s latest television is transforming the living space of tomorrow, today in the video below.

For additional information about the design features of 2017 Samsung QLED TV, check out the following link:

How QLED TV Blends into Your Living Room