Monday, 3 October 2022

PS4 Slim: Lighter, Slimmer, Extreme Fun

Technology never stops being developed — it makes simple things better and good things much better. Also in entertainment technology, developers work 24/7 to push enjoyment beyond limit. More functionality, easier utility, surprising fun and many unexpected advantages always come after the innovation.


PlayStation, as the leader of video game industry, always look forward to go beyond possibility. Our latest product PlayStation 4 is one of the most favorite game console judged by worldwide players throughout years. Today we achieve another greater step which we call “PlayStation 4 Slim” or simply PS4 Slim.

Introducing PS4 Slim

Last month, Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong has officially launched the PlayStation 4 Slim which began to be on sale from October 2016. The new PS4 is 30% smaller, 16% lighter and 28% more energy-saving than the previous model. Its price starts at only THB 12,900.-


Slimmer, sexier

PS4 Slim is called “sexier” by its smaller size and slimmer shape which makes it truly portable.  The design welcomes the fine touch of all-matted finish, the shiny logo and the tender look of rounded edges. Vertically or horizontally, this can simply be your stylish furniture piece no matter what room you place it.

Enhanced system

The inside system also gets enhanced. PS4 Slim contains all useful functions like its predecessor but consumes less energy. Plus HDR supporting, PS4 delivers breathtakingly fine images and vivid color display. The new PS4 also strongly supports virtual reality (VR) gaming which will completely change your entertainment experience.


All features in PlayStation 4 Slim are destined for future gaming: best eco-system, HDR image mode, VR support plus with the stylish design and energy-saving performance. Most of all, it supports a ton of popular games from every leading game creators. If you are looking for a new game console, PS4 slim is simply your answer. Many interesting bundle packs are available. You can initially experience the PS4 at any Sony Store near you.