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LG Gram comes equipped with a 6th Generation Intel Core Processor

09 Oct 2016

Lightweight. High performance.LG Gram comes equipped with a 6th Generation Intel Core Processor that will impress your classmates and help you power through your classes every day.


Light Weight

The LG gram laptop provides size without the weight. With its innovative design, the 15.6-inch screen weighs under 1kg. So at just 2.2 pounds, gram makes it easy to take a large screen laptop anywhere you want to take it!


Big Screen

LG gram’s thin-bezel, 15.6-inch, Full HD, IPS display provides a laptop with a big screen and exceptional color reproduction viewable from nearly any angle.


LG gram 15 – More Screen. Less Weight.

Experience the 2.2 pound LG gram 15.6 inch ultra-slim laptop. 6th generation Intel inside, extraordinary performance outside.

Durable Construction

The .7 inch thin LG gram is made of  a magnesium alloy for a durable design that stands up to everyday life.


LG gram has 6th generation, i5 or i7, Intel Core Processor, Windows 10, and up to 8GB RAM with a 512 GB SSD.


The LG gram now features a USB-C port for added versatility in connectivity for data transfer and device charging power.

Instant Booting

Whether it’s powered off or in sleep mode, with Instant Booting, LG gram starts up without any delay when the screen is opened.



Hi-Fi Audio

With the LG gram, experience hi-fi quality sound with less noise and distortion. Just plug into the headphone jack, and listen to “better than CD-quality” audio.*


Key Features

  • Weighs under 1kg (2.2 lbs)
  • 15.6 Inch Full HD IPS Display
  • Magnesium Alloy Body
  • USB-C port
  • 6th Generation i7 Intel Core Processor

A Lightweight Version of the Freshman 15

This semester, enjoy a lightweight laptop without sacrificing screen size. The LG gram is at the top of its class with a 15.6” screen, so you’ll enjoy a more lifelike, immersive viewing experience.