Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Introducing Qlik Playground

“All work, no play” isn’t something your company can say 
Introducing Qlik Playground™

As businesses move faster every day, so too does their technology. Employees float data-driven application ideas daily; but which ones hold water? Which ones will work and which ones won’t? These questions normally hold an organisation back from making decisions fast enough. But Qlik Playground is a fun way to help organisations innovate more efficiently and with greater accuracy than ever before.

Qlik Playground is our new platform for developers. The free coding environment allows developers to “play” with our core technology with minimal setup — creating a fun way for developers to help their organisations evaluate and quickly ramp up with new technologies.

The platform also allows developers to use Qlik’s core technologies using Qlik’s open APIs and public data sets, such as Twitter, GitHub, and Untappd, and to experience the power of the Qlik Associative Engine. By engaging with Qlik Playground, developers can create their data-driven apps that will result in better informed decisions when their companies face opportunities to meaningfully assess, mine, and use the many data points that exist.

A dialogue between developers and their organisations is essential,because the sheer amount of data that exists within the internet’s ecosystem is astonishing. Gone are the days of the 80/20 rule where only 20 percent of data was understandable. Because of technologies such as open APIs, analysts are able to consume all of their company’s data in a meaningful way.

According to IBM(1), approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created every single day. This massive number makes the developers’ status within their companies more important than ever before.

As companies look to increase market share by investing in new technologies, choosing the right software can give their businesses the competitive edge. And as developers have more and more strategic input into these decisions, it’s important they have easier ways to assess data visualisation and data-driven technologies.

This makes it fun for the organisation, too. With the ease of Qlik Playground, organisations can try out developers’ application ideas with ease and have a clear idea of what it could do for them when completed.

Take a look at Qlik Playground to see what you can do with your data. And, if you need some inspiration, check out the Showcase section, giving you a glimpse into some of the possibilities. But we’re only just getting started. We think you and your organisation can find even more innovative ways to use it — get started now.
(1)IBM: Bringing big data to the enterprise, May 2011: