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Intel is Inventing the Future at the Bay Area Maker Faire

22 May 2017

Intel is passionate about building the future with today’s creators and inventors. For several years, the company has been powering the maker movement by offering a diverse range of development modules that span the classroom to robotics labs. These tools will be brought to life via interactive demos from Intel and its partners at this year’s Maker Faire Bay Area.

Demo stations at Maker Faire Bay Area will include Silicon Valley innovator Megabots debuting its Mk III Mech, which is augmented with the Intel® Joule™ compute module and Intel® RealSense™ technology. (Credit: Megabots)

Visitors to the Intel booth will be given a hands-on experience with a range of Intel modules: from the high performance Intel® Joule™ — targeted at Internet of Things (IoT) developers and entrepreneurs —  to the inventor module Intel®Edison. The entry level  Arduino 101* (powered by the Intel® Curie™ module) will also be on display; it’s perfect for beginners and classroom educators.

Enthusiasts will be encouraged to explore over 12 interactive demo stations that showcase Intel’s growing and diverse portfolio of maker and IoT developer platforms. Exhibits include:

  • Silicon Valley innovator Megabots, debuting its Mk III Mech, augmented with the Intel® Joule™ compute module and Intel® RealSense™.
  • Industry leader Arduino, a feature in STEM education with CTC kits to make coding in the classroom easy and fun.
  • The interactive jumbo block city designed by Makerologist, where visitors can assemble giant blocks to power a San Francisco city skyline, activating the lights and sounds of the city, even summoning the infamous fog — all powered by an Arduino 101*.
  • Drone activations from ProfiCNC, featuring the PixHawk2 flight controller powered by Intel®
  • Los Angeles-based Aerial Media Production house LA Drone, featuring the LAD Dunk Drone and LAD Virtual Drone activation.

In addition, visitors can interact with a selection of Intel® Joule™-powered robots from Maker Collider and participate in hands-on activities using Arduino 101* from MakeCrate, teaching the principles of electronics, engineering and coding, suitable for inquisitive young minds to learn how to build and code circuits.