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Intel Employees and Intel Donate $30 Million in Honor of International Human Rights Day

21 Dec 2016

Intel Employees and Intel Donate $30 Million in Honor of International Human Rights Day

Intel Employees Donated to Diverse Charities for Causes from International Humanitarian Efforts to Small Community-Based Nonprofits.

By Brian Krzanich

Two weeks ago, I shared with Intel employees that we were updating our Intel Values to reflect our commitment to being an inclusive, great place to work and our dedication to embracing a growth mindset as part of our risk taking value.

At Intel, I am proud that our words are backed by actions. We treat one another with dignity and respect in our workplace, and believe strongly in paying those values forward in our communities and beyond.

In celebration of Intel’s values and to commemorate International Human Rights Day, we invited our employees to strengthen their communities and the world through charitable giving and community volunteerism. In return, all employee donations during the week beginning Dec. 7 were matched 2-to-1 by Intel through our Intel Foundation, and we offered coordinated volunteer opportunities for those wanting to give time as well as money.

Giving Back

In one week, 4,500 donors (comprised of current and retired Intel employees) and the Intel Foundation contributed 12,000 donations to nearly 3,500 organizations, for a total amount of nearly $30 million in donations.

We empowered our employees to make the most of their charitable giving, and their response was overwhelming. I am humbled by the spirit of philanthropy shown by our employees.

Organizations Impacted

Intel employees gave to a diverse group of charities covering a wide array of causes, from international humanitarian efforts to small community-based nonprofits. The one thing they all had in common? The belief that everyone deserves equal rights, access to quality education, and that those in need deserve to be aided with dignity and respect.

Here are some highlights from the top causes our employees supported this Holiday season.

Civil Rights: More than $150,000 was raised by 379 employees for 80 different organizations supporting a variety of civil rights initiatives, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Both organizations are deeply committed to combatting intolerance and discrimination.

Human Services: Employees donated $1.6 million toward organizations working to provide services to vulnerable populations in the U.S. and internationally. One example that stood out to me of the power of our employees to profoundly impact a nonprofit organization is Ankur International, which funds cancer treatments for people living in Bangladesh. Over $117,000 was raised by 50 Intel employees, and when combined with the 2x match from the Intel foundation, this giving more than doubled the donations received by this organization in all of 2015. In addition, employees generously gave to international relief and development organizations, including Doctors Without Borders, Islamic Relief USA, Mercy Corps and Global Giving.

Education: At Intel, we highly value education and so it didn’t come as a surprise that our employees were especially supportive of educational causes, with over $4.5 million raised for 2,200 organizations. This included universities, schools and school districts, but also organizations that train teachers or support education programs outside the U.S. Popular universities spanned the globe from Arizona (both University of Arizona and Arizona State University) to the IIT Bombay Foundation. Public schools and districts near major U.S. sites were also popular, for example, the Chandler Unified School District received $24,000 through the contributions of 84 employees. In addition to the remarkable amount donated during this week of giving, our employees generously give their time throughout the year to their communities, with the largest percentage of volunteer hours going to K-12 schools and educational programs.

I am enormously proud of our employees for their generosity in dedicating their own resources and time to the causes closest to their hearts. The wide-reaching effects of this week of giving might never be fully known, but I hope they will continue well beyond imagination.

Intel employees epitomize our values every day, and I continue to be thankful for their efforts in fostering a more inclusive workplace, strengthening their communities and creating positive change in the world.

Brian Krzanich is the chief executive officer of Intel Corporation.