Friday, 30 September 2022

Innovative Design That’s Ahead of the Curve

05 Oct 2016

In nature, there are no straight lines. And these days, many Samsung products curve naturally, too, bringing a more ergonomic and comfortable sense of design. Among this year’s lineup of electronics that have a curved shape are SUHDS TVs, a soundbar and the latest gaming monitors.

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Samsung’s SUHD TVs feature not only have the highest-quality displays. With a bezel-less edge and a back that’s completely free from visible screws and rivets, this is a TV that looks great from all angles.



Samsung’s curved soundbars present a gentle, ergonomic design that also are an ideal match for Samsung’s curved TVs.


Samsung’s 1800R curvature line of monitors offer a more immersive gaming experience and an easier viewing experience for consumers’ eyes.