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IBM GM Consulting Jesús Mantas to Keynote at The Digital Enterprise Show in Madrid, Spain

23 May 2017

IBM GM Consulting Jesús Mantas to Keynote at The Digital Enterprise Show in Madrid, Spain

MADRID – 23 May 2017: IBM (NYSE: IBM) General Manager, Cognitive Process Transformation Jesús Mantas, will present “The Power of Cognitive: How Superhumans will Transform the Enterprise” at the Digital Enterprise Show in Madrid, Spain at 11:00 a.m. (GMT+01:00) on Wednesday, May 24.

Jesus Mantas will discuss how cognitive systems are transforming professions and creating a new level of exponential outcomes across many industries. No human alone can read, see, feel, hear and make sense of all the data transforming their work and profession. These “super humans” use IBM Watson to perform their profession at levels well beyond today’s benchmarks; in doing so they are reinventing themselves, their professions and the organizations they work for. His keynote will explore why in this cognitive era, leading companies are partnering with IBM Global Business Services to design, build and run processes that reinvent their client experience, automate operations, generate new cost efficiencies and enable their employees to perform at their best.

What: IBM Consulting DES Keynote

When: Wednesday, May 24 – 11:00-11:20 a.m. (GMT+ 01:00)

When: Digital Enterprise Show Event
IBM Booth C325 Pabellón 3
IFEMA Av. del Partenón, 5
Madrid, Spain 28042

Who: Jesús Mantas, General Manager, Cognitive Process Transformation, IBM Global Business Services

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About DES
Digital Enterprise Show arrives to Madrid, Spain (May 23 – 25) as the key event to help CEOs, CIOs, HR, CFOs, clients and professionals to find an strategic roadmap and orientation to accomplish digital transformation processes, which any company and public institution wishing to survive in today’s world must follow. This year’s agenda offers 3 days of talks, delivered by distinguished keynote speakers, influencers, and industry game changers.