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IBM Data Shows Enterprise Video Quickly Shifting to Mobile Devices

13 Mar 2017

IBM Data Shows Enterprise Video Quickly Shifting to Mobile Devices

– IBM Cloud Video data shows five-fold increase in mobile views last year for videos produced by companies for internal and external communications
– Trend mirrors change in consumer viewing of media and entertainment content

ARMONK, NY – 09 Mar 2017: IBM  data indicates that companies across all industries are increasingly following the lead of media and entertainment with enterprise video last year showing a dramatic increase in mobile viewership, video resolution and global reach.

Data pooled from IBM Cloud Video’s enterprise service from billions of views over the past two years illustrates the fast-changing landscape of streaming video within the enterprise. The data tracked videos streamed by organizations for internal and external communications, taking advantage of cloud technologies to produce and deliver content directly to audiences worldwide. Key findings included:

  • Mobile viewership increased five-fold to almost one-third of all views: Views coming from mobile devices (rather than desktop computers) increased from 5.85 percent in 2015 to 28.82 percent in 2016.
  • Video quality increased with file size growing to 1 gigabyte: The average video file size for the enterprise increased by 29 percent from 2015 to 2016, rising from .77 gigabytes to 1 gigabyte, according to the IBM Cloud Video data. This is even more remarkable given the average video length decreased by 8 percent.
  • Companies increasingly streaming to global audiences: Enterprise viewership outside of the U.S. is rising. Non-U.S. viewership grew by more than 25 percent from 2015 to 2016, as businesses integrate cloud-based video into their global strategies.

“Companies are increasingly being held to the same standards as the media and entertainment industry for the videos they stream to employees, partners and direct to consumers,” said Braxton Jarratt, general manager of IBM Cloud Video. “Our enterprise clients are responding by investing in video production and distribution to create more engaging content that can reach a global audience.”

IBM Cloud Video enterprise services are used by companies across a broad range of industries, including retail, automotive, technology, education, hospitality and healthcare, to stream live and recorded content through a global network. The cloud-based videos include internal content, such as employee training and town halls, as well as external events, such as new product launches.

The IBM Cloud Video unit brings together innovations from IBM’s R&D labs as well as the cloud video platform capabilities made possible through its acquisitions of Clearleap and Ustream. IBM Cloud Video delivers solutions for streaming video for organizations ranging from individuals and small businesses to major media corporations.

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For more about IBM Cloud Video, visit here.