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IBM Advancing Hrvatski Telekom’s Digital Transformation With New Customer Relationship Management System

02 Jun 2017

Zagreb, Croatia – 30 May 2017: Hrvatski Telekom announced it selected IBM (NYSE: IBM) to modernize and manage the company’s customer relationship processes to help drive its digital transformation.

Hrvatski Telekom serves 2.2 million mobile subscribers, almost 1.0 million fixed lines, 408,000 television services and 763,000 broadband connections.

With an accelerated growth and complexity of converged telecom offerings combined with growing customer demands and implementation of convergent offers, Hrvatski Telekom decided to implement a new CRM system which is expected to raise the user experience to a new, better level. The new CRM system will introduce a unique data storage and processing system for all HT customers (wholesale and retail). The new system aims to encompass business, residential, prepaid and postpaid users. Business processes related to the new CRM system are planned to optimize and simplify as well as contribute to the satisfaction of customers and employees who will use the new system.

“We in Hrvatski Telekom want to stay the leader on the regional telecommunications and digital service market. To achieve this, we want to have the best customer experience. We have, therefore, selected IBM as our provider for the implementation of a new CRM System, which is part of our Business Transformation Program, that will have a great positive impact on customer satisfaction. We have chosen IBM on this project, based on their ability to demonstrate market-leading best practices in omni-channel engagement and digital innovation. We expect this will result in substantial improvement of satisfaction of both our employees and customers.” said Anamarija Mlinarić, CRM Transformation Project Director, Hrvatski Telekom.

Hrvatski Telekom teamed with IBM Global Business Services to provide its customers with the best customer experience. As part of the agreement, IBM will help streamline business processes that can accelerate the company’s digital transformation through changes in their client-facing front office activity as well as critical back end functions. The expected outcomes are reduced costs, a more agile organization and delivery of an enhanced customer-focused approach to operations. IBM will work with Hrvatski Telekom to implement a single customer relationship management platform based on an Oracle Siebel solution tailored specifically for telecommunications that will provide a 360 view on all customer interactions, profile and preference data, as well as marketing hub functionalities. 

“Telecommunication providers are facing hurdles when it comes to delivering an optimal customer experience as subscriber demands around new technologies and services shift the landscape,” said Damir Zec, Country Leader, IBM Croatia. “Hrvatski Telekom’s enduring commitment to its customers is demonstrated through the adoption of new, innovative processes and tools that represents the future of process transformation in the digital age. We’re working with Hrvatski Telekom to help deliver their required efficiencies and agility while addressing the critical elements of digital change, reducing costs, and operational disruption for higher levels of customer service.”

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