Monday, 3 October 2022

Hipster Gadget Guide

08 Nov 2016

Today you might often hear about “hipsters” among the young people. The hipster subculture defines a lifestyle of those who prefer non-mainstream things such as indie music, vintage and thrift store-bought clothing, handmade items, organic and artisanal foods, etc. They also like to have activities together in not such official style to present their favors, their skills, their ideas or their thoughts toward things in society. Most of them do not like to describe themselves hipsters but what they do show it. Hipsters could be someone around you such as your friends, your colleagues, your younger brothers or sisters, your nephews or nieces, etc.


Because hipsters deny mainstream and prefer to be unique, they choose to show their feeling through photos. So, one of the activities they love most is photography — but their style is so different. Instead of selfie in a popular place, they like to shoot something else around them such as their hand in the air, their feet on the green grass or their back with morning view. You rarely see their face on their collection on Instagram or VSCO. Most of their picture caption is a short phrase with many hashtags such as #Me, #Loveis, #FromwhereIstand, #ChasingLight, #WellTravelled, #OnTheTable, etc.


Hipsters also do not like to use much photo editing applications because it is “not so real”. So behind their attractive and meaningful pictures, they are their technique, their skill and undeniably the quality of camera. Their buddy camera mostly a compact one with full function inside which allows them to shoot and share instantly whatever they are doing or wherever they go. Some beautiful moments happens in surprise such as warm light while riding their fixed-gear bike or a stranger standing by a graffiti while driving home, etc. If they want to reveal their impression, their camera should make it real.


Sometimes camera is too big to carry. Another gadget that hipsters use is a smartphone. Surely, the camera inside must come with high performance. The one with quick focus is the most favorite — they can capture what they see and what they feel without missing a single thing. Good smartphone should allow them to display their masterpiece to the world through social networks instantly. Moreover, the quality of audio player of a smartphone and the power of headphones should be reminded. Sometimes hipsters want to enjoy his own music even if they sit sipping their drip coffee in a café with top-chart songs playing in background.


Although they are young and like to be unique, they love to share happiness. They prefer positive thinking. If many things they do bring joy to people around them, they will surely be happy.


Understanding hipsters is not really hard. If you would like to exist in their universe, just open up your mind and see the world as what they see. You will surely love ’em.