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Fantastic 4K Contents and Where to Find Them

08 Nov 2016

4K is undeniably the highest resolution for video display available in the general market and the best for home entertainment today. Greater than the Full HD, it gives you the picture quality that is breathtakingly sharper, smoother and more vivid like you have never experienced before. The number of people owning a new 4K TV is rising every day. Soon, more than half of households in big cities are expected to have 4K-capable TV. That’s why many content providers rush to make 4K media continuously.


Now, a lot of 4K video contents are now available both online and offline. If you are still new to it, My Sony will guide you to the place where you can enjoy this fantastic, eye-popping entertainment. Let’s see together.


As the number one of online video provider, tons of 4K contents are now visible on YouTube. Many different choices of contents waiting for you to enjoy such as movies, drama series, documentaries, game shows or even home videos shot with 4K camera. Plus, YouTube now allows general users to upload their own 4K contents. Everyone can experience the best of this entertainment via both Sony Smart TV and Android TV with suggested internet speed at 25 Mbps or faster. Essentially, most of videos are free.



Netflix is one of the biggest providers of streaming media and video on demand online. Most of new contents on it are now available in 4K format such as movies, drama series, variety shows, documentaries or even concerts. Not only from the US, has Netflix offered popular contents from all around the world. Just download its application to your Smart TV, you can enjoying your favorite shows in 4K. Its monthly service fee is nearly THB 420.- — or just THB 200.- for lower resolution.

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

With 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, movie lovers can now enjoy their favorite movies like watching in the superior cinema. This kind of home entertainment delivers sharper and smoother pictures with dynamic sound thanks to almost zero compression technology. No internet needed, you can enjoy your 4K contents uninterruptedly. Most new films are now available in 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs. Click the following link to see the list. Click



Upcoming contents

Tons of 4K contents will be available for premium entertainment enthusiasts in the next year. Not only movie and show, games and interactive media or even live show and TV broadcastings will support the 4K format very soon.


This is not too much to say that 4K is truly the future of entertainment. If you already own a Sony Bravia 4K TV, turn on the switch and start exploring it. Or if you do not have one or still hesitate, come to experience the world of fantastic entertainment now at any Sony Store near you.