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Eureka Park at CES 2017

04 Jan 2017


Eureka Park is one of the most exciting areas of CES because it showcases innovative products, services, and technologies from young startups, change makers and risk takers.

It’s where people get the inside track on the technologies and businesses that are disrupting industries, creating new markets and have the potential to change society.

Strategic deal-makers, VCs, investors and other vendors come to glimpse the new inter-dependent landscapes – as the industry moves from hardware-based solutions to software, with the cloud and service-driven ecosystems.

The four trends identified below take advantage of scaffolding the new generation of smaller, less expensive, more capable enabling technologies and platforms that include sensors, chips, gyroscopes and prototyping that are unleashing innovation. We have flagged a few companies that will be at Eureka Park at CES 2017.

Robots & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Robotics helps make life easier, do distasteful or dangerous tasks or work side-by-side with us. Civil Maps’ maps and sensor software allows us to understand a robot’s location as it moves through space. Boxfish Research with its unique propulsion system holds the potential for innovating underwater exploration. Its maneuverable robot can shoot beautiful, steady videos. Blue Frog’s BUDDY is a companion robot that connects and interacts with your family. AI is giving robotics greater brainpower. FeetMe’s Tiemppo turns your shoes into an AI running coach, and Evalu’s is an AI app and sensor that is also sports focused. Dotin’s Personality Insights Module leverages social, professional and even enterprise data to tap into the subconscious minds of users to create a digital fingerprint that includes personality and learning behaviors.

Wellness, Fitness, and Health

The consumerization of health is helping to make consumers more proactive in their wellness, prevention and health management. And Eureka Park represents a panoply of connected devices and health apps. Cogilex R&D’s Seenso is a semantic medical search engine that makes finding medical information easier in privacy. Exercise is a way to stay healthy and Icetron Frio is a wearable device for cooling the body during sport activities. Haiku by Asphalt Lab is a GPS assistant for bikes that displays turn-byturn navigation and notifications using a smartphone. Forca’s app makes it easier to track food and exercise, and connects clients with trainers. BioMindR, an integrated sensor platform, is showing its H2OMindR wristband that measures real-time personal hydration status. And Life Plus is developing AI and IoT solutions for seniors who want to stay in their homes. Lili Smart’s solution supports people with dementia and their caregivers and consists of an app, a GSM watch and smart sensors.


Smart Connected Lifestyles

Cocoon Labs is developing a security device that protects a smart home through sound. It learns the normal sounds of your home and sends HD video and audio alerts to your smartphone. Bluemint Labs is creating a hands-free gesture remote for the connected home. Cupbrd Kitchen envisions a small, fully integrated RFID reader with a computer vision camera mounted on the ceiling that tracks all food items that enter a kitchen. Plants provide beauty and La Cool Co.’s Le Mini Cool is an IoT, Wi-Fi smart garden station that monitors any plant, providing a live data feed remotely. Some solutions focus on children including Digisense with its smart sensor for diapers with real-time alerts. And BlueBeep monitors the Baby Car Seat harness and also the baby. While others focus on pets like Jagger & Lewis’ smart collar for dogs, and JnB Innovation’s smart water and food dispenser for cats.

Virtual Reality (VR)

New devices are bringing VR into the mainstream like FOVE’s eyetracking VR headset. HoloLamp is a desktop spatial augmented reality (AR) projector that may make VR/AR more social. Lucid VR’s LucidCam is a stereoscopic consumer 3D camera with an 1800 wide-angle lens that captures active views and special audio to enhance experiences. Hypersuit is a VR simulator with interactive hardware that simulates extreme experiences safely. Icaros’ Active VR system is a VR flight simulator and exercise machine. Content distribution and tracking also is central to this new data driven era. ARVRUS is a 3600 VR multi-channel distribution and analytics platform for content creators. Idomoo’s Express brings data together with video to drive engagement through personalized videos. Imagry is an embedded mobile visual recognition engine that classifies 30,000 objects in real-time from any device without internet connectivity. Immersit Vibration enables experiencing movies and games in new ways by enabling dynamic and subtle vibrations for content whether it’s a GoPro video, a Netflix film or a videogame.