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Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometers AZtecOne / AZtecOneGO

25 Oct 2016

The AZtecOne system combines the simple-to-use yet powerful software and the proven stability and accuracy of a Silicon Drift Detector.Typical Configration TM3030Plus with AZtecOne and Built-in EDX detector(Manufactured for Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation by Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis)



  • All the necessary tools at hand to complete the task quickly and with ease.
  • Focusing on getting results out as quickly as possible: rapid set-up, real-time results display, reports just a click of a button away…
  • Working hard behind the scenes so users don’t have to worry about pulse pile-ups, overlapping peaks and other potential artifacts.
  • Available using 2 different detectors; 30 mm2(AZtecOne) / 10 mm2(AZtecOneGO)
  • TruMap (AZtecOne) ensures that the real data distribution is shown on X-ray maps and LineScans.

Easy and Intuitive

Equipped with 5 navigation buttons, each of which are designed to help you perform tasks quickly and easily


High resolution X-ray map

High resolution X-ray map


Quantitative result are shown in graphical or numerical form

Quantitative result are shown in graphical or numerical form

TruMap is a unique real-time mapping solution that takes advantage of the increased counts generated by the latest SDD detectors, offering a new level of data integrity.

  • Eliminates artifacts
  • Corrects element overlaps
  • Removes false variations due to X-ray background
  • Everything operates in real-time


  • Items
  • System
AZtecOne AZtecOneGO
  • Detector type
Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)
  • Detection area
30 mm2 10 mm2
  • Energy resolution
158 eV(Cu-Kα)
(equivalent to 137 eV with MnKα)
151 eV(Cu-Kα)
(equivalent to 129 eV with MnKα)
  • Detection element
  • Qualitative analysis
Auto ID and manual ID
  • Quantitative analysis
Standardless quantitative analysis
  • Point & ID(Beam control)
  • Standard Map / Line scan
  • TruMap / TruLine

TruMap reveals real element variations.Overlaps such as AsL/MgK are resolved.