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Data literacy, right at your fingertips

07 Dec 2016
Data literacy, right at your fingertips
Learn the “why” of analytics with Qlik Continuous Classroom

We all understand the importance of data literacy and how critical it is to any organisation’s success in analytics.

Simply put, without the right skills to interpret their data, users will likely not get the desired results from their analytics tool, no matter how powerful it may be. But how can users acquire these data literacy skills and know they’re on the right track?

At Qlik, with the proper training and programs, you can be more prepared with your approach to analytics. That’s why Qlik Education services are designed specifically to teach you not just features and functions — the “how” of analytics — but also how our software can be used to make decisions — the “why” of analytics.

Now, we’re taking this approach further with our new analytics learning modules within the Qlik Continuous Classroom.

Qlik Continuous Classroom — training anytime, anywhere, always

This self-service learning online platform is designed to provide the learning you need, right at your fingertips — anytime, anywhere, always. Whether you’re new to Qlik and are looking for the right knowledge and skills to get started, or you’re an existing user in need of a refresh, it’s the best way for you to quickly access learning content that’s tailored right to you.

Subscriptions to the Qlik Continuous Classroom are structured by user role, giving you tips and skills directly relevant to your current job and competencies — whether you’re a business user, business analyst, or a data architect — through product-specific modules and our new modules on analytics. Each role pathway includes free modules, and the business user pathway is completely free.

Analytics modules — the “why” of analytics

It isn’t sufficient to just teach people how to create a bar chart if they don’t know how to interpret it and ask basic analytic questions. Users need to understand the “why” behind their data and interpret it in an analytical way. Our growing library of analytics learning modules is designed specifically to teach fundamental analytics and statistical concepts, beyond product features and functions. Topics include:

  • Correlation vs Causation
  • Signal and Noise
  • Goodhart’s Law
  • K Means Clustering
  • P Values
  • Regression Analysis

Get started by visiting qcc.qlik.com to take a tour of the Qlik Continuous Classroom and try the free learning modules.