Saturday, 18 September 2021

Considering Cloud? Kick start Qlik Sense in the Cloud

Considering Cloud? Kick start Qlik Sense in the Cloud,If you’re like many organisations, your data, infrastructure, and analytics requirements change often. As a result, you may think about whether cloud analytics can add more flexibility to your existing analytics solutions.

For example, you may now rely on more data in the Cloud in addition to your internal, on-premise data, to populate dashboards, reports, and other analytics. You might need more effective ways to share analytics outside of your network to more diverse audiences. Like many businesses, you probably have a growing number of people who need to analyse data and share insights for smarter business decisions. And you may also have a mobile workforce that needs analytics while they’re on the move.

Yet, big changes to your analytics foundation are daunting. You may wonder whether cloud analytics is right for you. Here’s a quick overview on how cloud analytics can benefit your organisation:

  • Full choice: the best cloud strategy is the one that’s right for you, and most cloud solutions give you flexible options. You can choose to install and manage cloud in house or via third-party support depending on your resources, budget, and, of course, your data. You can begin with a large deployment immediately, or start small and seamlessly scale as needed. If you want to combine on-premise and cloud solutions, you can do that too, while easily maintaining a unified experience for users across the world.
  • Easy collaboration: analytics rarely takes place in a silo. However, the creators and consumers of analytics do not always sit within the same firewall or network. For example, you may have members of a distributed sales team or complex supply chain who need to consume and analyse the same information. You may also have members of a global workforce who need to create, edit, and share insights with one another. Cloud analytics brings teams together by making collaboration and sharing ideas with just a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Analytics on the go: business decisions can happen any time, anywhere in the world, which is why you always need your data at your fingertips regardless of which device you’re carrying. A consistent, unified analytics experience across mobile devices helps teams make smarter decisions faster and more efficiently. The web-based nature of cloud analytics helps ensure your mobile workforce has access to business-critical insights at any time.

How do you get started with cloud analytics without making wholesale changes to your analytics environment?

First, learn the six essential questions you should ask about a cloud analytics tool to determine if it’s a true cloud solution that’s right for your business. Many cloud analytics solutions offer the flexibility of a subscription and transparency through a free trial. If you’re ready to test Qlik Sense Cloud, join for free and kick start your cloud experience.