Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Cognos Analytics and Enterprise Performance Management

Cognos Analytics,A modern business intelligence platform that interprets intent and guides you to faster results.The main objective of Business Intelligence is to bring the right information at the right time. Usually, the data is pulled from several sources and transformed into accurate and consistent information which is stored in the Data Warehouse.


Cognos Business Intelligence

Cognos Business Intelligence solutions help understand, monitor and manage business performance which includes business reporting & analysis, profitability measurement, budgeting, forecasting optimization and cost management.

Cognos is a fast and efficient technique to deliver multidimensional business intelligence data.
Building a Data Warehouse and a complete and well performing Information Management system in an organization is a challenge both for the business and technical experts. The most important thing to have in mind is that Business Intelligence is not an IT driven area and it needs to come out as a need from the business and require tight and constant cooperation.
That is why in order to deliver valuable information to the business and perform efficiently it is required to understand end-users needs and cooperate closely with the business before implementing Cognos applications.

The first step is to define organization’s goals, concerns, expectations and find out how users want to use the data, what types of reports will they want to create and what is the best way to spread the information accross the organization.

What is Cognos Analytics?

IBM Cognos Analytics is an enterprise BI platform for governed data discovery and managed reporting that automates the creation of reports and dashboards so users have the freedom to do it on their own. The user experience is designed for business professionals so they can easily prepare, create and visualize content using the built-in intelligence to guide them.


Analytics when, where, and how you need them

Cognos Analytics is ready when you are with a unified experience that works the same on web or mobile devices, enabling you to quickly find, analyze, create and share insight.

  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Smart search works in context
  • Personalized experience
  • Scheduling and alerts
  • Interactive content available on-line or off-line

Make your data work for you

Working with data should be straightforward and productive not painful. Expand the sphere of people who can proficiently work the data.

  • Complete web-based experience
  • Easy upload of personal/external data
  • Reporting directly off a data source
  • Effortless combining of data sources
  • Automatic generation of data models based on keywords

Bring your data to life

Cognos Analytics is ready when you are with a unified experience that works the same on web or mobile devices, enabling you to quickly find, analyze, create and share insight.

  • Intuitive interface lets all users quickly author content
  • Dashboards created using drag and drop on mobile device or desktop
  • Best visualizations automatically recommended
  • Templates and styles to let you format reports instantly
  • On demand menus for access to full capabilities over a clean workspace
  • Single interface to create ad hoc or pixel perfect reports, frees up IT

Analytics you can trust for confident action


Confident action comes from access to curated data that eliminate risk and debate over numbers.

  • Data protected with layers of permissions, authentication, and history
  • Report integrity maintained regardless of range of inputs across business
  • Controls to protect data whether you’re creating one report for many or many are creating one report
  • Scheduling and alerts


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