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Intel Security Innovation Alliance

19 November 2016
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Most organizations deploy security products from multiple vendors that do not interact with each other. In today’s fast evolving threat landscape, this not only increases operational costs, it may even increase risk. Security challenges now require open, collaborative approaches to detect threats, reduce risk, and ensure compliance.


The Intel Security Innovation Alliance provides our customers with integrated security solutions that allow them to resolve more threats faster with fewer resources. This is accomplished through close collaboration with third-party partners in the Innovation Alliance Program. It is a critical component to empowering our customers to address all stages of the threat defense lifecycle.

The Intel Security Innovation Alliance is a technology partnering program that:

  • Accelerates the development of interoperable security products.
  • Simplifies the integration of these products with complex customer environments.
  • Provides a truly integrated, connected security ecosystem to maximize the value of existing customer investments, improve efficiency, maximize protection, and reduce operational costs.

Driving Technology Leadership

Intel Security Innovation Alliance partners are screened for innovation, strategic value, and market leadership in their respective market segments that complement the Intel Security solution portfolio.

Central to our relationship with each partner is at least one customer use case. Use cases are driven by the needs of mutual customers and are built around innovative integration ideas. Use cases improve threat visibility and create powerful new security behaviors and workflows.


Only after the partner completes extensive Intel Security Engineering testing, will the integrated product receive the McAfee Compatible designation. This expanded portfolio of tightly integrated solutions is part of an extended security system that helps protect, detect, and correct threats faster and more effectively than any single solution.

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