INFOGRAPHIC » 5 Signs Your Business Desperately Needs a Digital Workspace [Infographic]

5 Signs Your Business Desperately Needs a Digital Workspace [Infographic]

8 November 2016
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Our newest infographic lists five revealing signs that your IT environment is sorely missing a secure digital workspace.It’s official: We all spend more time browsing the web on our mobile devices than desktops. It’s further proof that mobility will continue to play a dominant role in our lives, whether at home or at work.


But there’s got to be a more simple, secure way to manage all these new devices and apps in the workplace, right? Here are five signs your business desperately needs a digital workspaceplatform.

5 Signs You Need a Digital Workspace

  1. Employees work on their personal smartphones, tablets and laptops—even if discouraged. Most employees (60%) prefer to work on a personal device, and close to one-in-three employees will work on their personal device, even if it goes against your company’s policy.
  2. IT cannot identify every device and app accessing the corporate network. This is critical to address because by next year, an estimated half of employers may requireemployees to bring their own device (BYOD) for work. Many organizations already support BYOD (72%) on some level but lack effective means to control access to corporate data (only 14% use mobile application management).
  3. Employees download apps for work that are not vetted by IT. An average small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) uses about 14 cloud apps (the average SMB employee works on six). For enterprises: about 917 cloud apps are in play across the organization. That’s a lot of apps, and about 91% of these downloaded apps are not enterprise-ready.
  4. Employees cannot perform key tasks on mobile devices. Most global businesses (70%) understand that making core apps and business processes mobile can be a competitive advantage. In fact, modernizing and extending the capabilities of core enterprise apps rank as top IT project priorities. Mobility is critical. However, only 20% have successfully transitioned a core business process to a mobile model.
  5. Your company depends solely on in-house developers to supply mobile apps for line-of-business needs. Users are demanding more and more apps, but IT won’t be able to deliver them all on their own. Demand for enterprise mobile apps will grow five times faster than IT’s capacity to deliver.

Clearly, IT needs simple, secure ways to control access to corporate data without managing devices, as well as build, deliver and manage enterprise-ready apps. Here it is: VMware Workspace ONE.

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